20 Calea Victoriei
  +40 748 336 677
Ganesha Caffe Victoriei
Ganesha Caffe Victoriei
Ganesha Caffe Victoriei
Ganesha Caffe Victoriei
Ganesha Caffe Victoriei

Coffee shop and lounge bar Bucharest

Silent, goddess Ganesha is present in this coffee shop in Bucharest where peace and good will mingle harmoniously in a warm and pleasant oriental atmosphere meant to bring peace in the life of every person who steps down the threshold of this location in Calea Victoriei.

Ganesha, an exclusive lounge and cocktail bar in Bucharest, makes everyone’s presence felt from the entrance to the cafe, through every element that makes up the decoration, through hot or cold drinks designed to distract the senses and intoxicate them with the savor, through the smell of hot charcoals waiting to be placed on an aromatic and immersive shisha.

The harmonious richness of the Oriental framework begins by mixing classic and modern elements. The vibrant color palette present in each piece of the furniture and decorative objects instilled in the area, giving it a unique imprint to deepen and emphasize oriental culture. Everything is in complete harmony, so that from any point begins the visualization of the frame is a cursive and fluid one that goes harmoniously like an oriental dance. For a strong connection between mind, soul and atmosphere created, Indian music will hypnotize you, inducing a relaxing and meditating state on Indian notes while customers serve one of the best coffee in Bucharest at this exclusive lounge.

The Oriental atmosphere is not only featuring decor and music, it all comes even further through the specific hypnotizing smell. The infusion of Indian herbal teas with savory flavor will make you smell a sense of smell at the entrance, and steam with apple, cherries, apricot offered by the beautiful ornate shisha will teleport you into beautiful India. The large and opulent plants with their green leaves will fill you with energy and you will feel like in an oasis where silence and good will prevail, even you are just in a coffee shop in the heart of Bucharest.

Ganesha, an exclusive lounge in Bucharest

The beautiful paved streets of Bucharest hide in their hearts full of history many coffee shops in Calea Victoriei area, full of charm and freshness in Bucharest, but an oriental air begins to invite them to offer individuality to the area through the presence of the Ganesha cafe, an exclusive coffee shop in Bucharest where you can serve one of the best coffee in the city. Ganesha is that coffee shop in the Victoria area that acts as a portal full of Indian culture and flavor where you can identify with the good will of the people present, the harmonious notes of Indian music and the savory taste of the beverages.

The mix of flavors present in teas, the flavor of black coffee from freshly ground berries and the fruity steam of shisha leaving Ganesha caffeine begin to feel from the early hours of the morning on the streets of Calea Victoriei, the Old Centre and the Valley of the Kings. The warm and pleasant atmosphere can be seen through the beautifully decorated windows with Oriental motifs where you can see comfortable sofas and armchairs in various colors and colorful prints. The wooden tables with marble-like and stained-in support with wooden rings in various sizes invite passers-by in the comfort of the Ganesha coffee shop and lounge bar in Bucharest to come sitting and chatting over a drink.

Ganesha, an original coffe shop in Bucharest

Ganesha is the coffee shop located in the heart of Bucharest which is always ready to welcome you with your portion of peace, energy and freshness in the morning with a cup of hot coffee to enjoy yourself or with your friends. In the evening, open the door with oriental ambient music and a mug of black, white, green, fruity or red tea from the most selective herbs meant to relax and give you a restful sleep like Pearl of the Orient, Toronto Nights.

If you want to relax with your friends, the Ganesha coffee shop in Bucuresti can host at an impressive number of small and large groups and offer you a unique experience with a wide range of drinks every time. So you can try a personalized milkshake with a variety of fruits, freshly prepared lemonade, chocolate or vanilla frappe, freshly squeezed fresh fruits to make you relax and enjoy with your friends. For those who want a mouthful of alcohol, various flavors of alcoholic cocktails await them in beautiful glasses, and for the drivers are offered non-alcoholic cocktails.