Best Shisha in Bucharest

Shisha is also known as argileh, goza, hubble-bubble and Hookah. Originally, it was especially seen in the Middle East and Africa.

Shisha is a common habit in societies for over 400 years. Later, this recreational habit has become more common and pronounced in Europe and right now, best shisha in Bucharest offers the very same character as the original Oriental hookah. It has been practiced in India for over 3,000 years and it is supposed to be called "ḡalyan". Considering that tobacco was introduced India in the seventeenth century, Indians were smoking hookahs with specific substances of that time. The design of a narghile was simple, primitive and robust, usually made from a coconut base and an attached tray.

A bartender was treated as a real chef due to the fact that preparation was considered important. The preparation of the shisha was a real skill, with all the shisha makers being very respected for the service they were offering. Besides, it is rude to touch the coals. Today, smoking shisha in Bucharest provides a relaxing moment, full of joy and disconnect from the daily routine. Moreover, at Ganesha, a shisha and cafe in Bucharest, each customer is able to personalize his hookah accordingly to his preferences, in order to get full satisfaction from this time spend in a lounge after work.

Shisha smoking migrated from Turkey to the South (in Lebanon and Syria), where it has been named "clay". Then, the habit spread to Egypt and Morocco, where it is known as "shisha” and "hubble-bubble" in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Nowadays, one of the best shisha in Bucharest can be found at Ganesha, in an exclusive location.

Today, smoking shisha is addressed to many people. The container has several shapes and patterns, and can have different functions. For instance, one can smoke aromatic hookahs at the best shisha in Bucharest, a location inspired from the pristine culture of the Oriental world. Here is the best shisha in Bucharest and those you appreciate its quality are not few.

Ganesha: Shisha Lounge Cafe Bucharest

The purpose of smoking shisha is to bring people at the same table without bore them in all this time. Unlike cigarettes, they can only be consumed when the person sits and does not carry out an activity that requires too much movement. This is why it's said that smoking a hookah rises the interaction and the relaxation between people. In order to be sure that one will enjoy wonderful moments among your beloved one, our customers choose to benefit from this these moments of relaxation at Ganesha, where they can smoke shisha in Bucharest, also a great lounge and cafe.

In today's societies, the classic shisha model is the one that predominates in Western culture. The shisha is made of: body, water bowl, hose, tray, head (crucible). It is a popular business, the difference is maintained by the way it is prepared. At Ganesha shisha, lounge and coffe shops in Bucharest, the whole team prepares the best hookah, and this is supported and recommended by the vast customers that choose this lounge in Bucharest.

The best shisha in Bucharest is recognizable very easily, especially in terms of quality. And Ganesha cafe and lounge offers the best hookah service. The water is changed accordingly, the flavor is constantly updated, and the machine itself is cleaned all the time. Our concept is that the people who come to us, they come for what we offer, like quality products, services, for the friendly atmosphere and the Ganesha symbol which is full of esoteric spiritual symbolism.

Ganesha Caffe is a lounge in Bucharest that is covered with bohemian and colorful ambiance inspired by Oriental history. The stake falls on good mood and on quality hookah. All in all, flavors are of the highest standard because the purpose is to create an oriental - modern aura around everyone.

The fairytale of the best shisha in Bucharest

Along with a lemonade, an original shisha or even an ice shisha goes well all the time. But, for the image to be complete, along with beverage and hookah, you’ll need the hookah's story, a Ganesha Caffe concept has to be introduced, this fairytale mood determines friends to interact as closely and as real as possible to others. Unlike the story of cigarettes, the "hookah story" may take a "charcoal" of time! This shisha, lounge and cafe in Bucuresti is the place that fits best your expectations in terms of quality, taste and aroma.

Best shisha in Bucharest is at Ganesha Caffe and lounge! Here, you can look for various and many assortments of hookah, and you can also choose to create your own hookah flavor. Combining more ingredients, you can create your own fairy-tale aura!