Oriental drinks in a lounge in Bucharest

At Ganesha Caffe you can have coffee, hot and cold teas prepared with ingredients of origin. Discover the taste of the most beloved Arabic drinks in one of the best coffee shops and teahouse in Bucharest!

The unique taste of Arabic beverages is surprised by the menu of Ganesha coffe shop in Bucharest, a favorite place for relaxing, socializing and experimenting some original flavors. In the decor of the story, which combines traditional elements from oriental culture, you can enjoy the teas and coffees that you had the opportunity to discover in exclusive destinations. Now, these tastes are available in Bucharest, at the Ganesha coffee, the same location that will provide you with an extensive range of essential dishes found in Oriental cuisine.

Beyond the taste, the Ganesha cafe and teahouse welcomes you with an atmosphere designed to disconnect you from your everyday routine. Here is where comfort excels in all its plans. The atmosphere of the Ganesha coffe shop in Bucharest preserves special moments heated with oriental, spicy and mintsated flavors. Ambient is suitable both for exits, and for meetings and first appointments. The cafe's arrangement is based on elements inherited from the Oriental culture in order to render the veracity of this specific to a coffee shop and lounge in Bucharest.

The beverage menu that we provide is vast and dedicated to some taste suites. At Ganesha you can enjoy in a storytelling environment coffee, tea, lemonade and many other drinks that will delight your senses and offer you with a unique taste experience. The Ganesha Coffee beverage Menu features a central detail. The drinks served here are prepared with ingredients of origin, imported especially for Ganesha from specific regions. All, in order to guarantee that every customer is served with tastes in terms of flavor, intensity and quality.

Warm drinks served at Ganesha Lounge Bar

Ganesha synthesizes the richness of oriental flavors in the hot drinks menu that it offers. The beverage suite includes tea and coffee prepared with ingredients of origin, imported especially for Ganesha. You will experience an itinerary of contrasting tastes, and you can choose to season your drinks with favorite toppings such as milk, vanilla, caramel, or bold flavors such as macaroon or tiramisu. Although it is an oriental coffee shop in Bucharest, Ganesha adapts to your taste and serves popular beverages in Europe, but with premium ingredients rich in intense flavors.

Warm beverages can be personalized with your picture, if you choose this detail. In addition, the taste of each tea or coffee can be adjusted according to the preferences of each customer for a complete experience. We want Ganesha to be the key to moments of full relaxation, away from everyday routine and mainstream beverages. We bring in front of you a selection of syrups, toppings and special condiments that will make shine every drink served at Ganesha coffee shop and lounge in Bucharest. Counting on the distinction of the Orient, we want to surprise you with the verisimilar specific to this cafe and teahouse.

Cold drinks with oriental flavors

The Ganesha Coffee beverage Menu is designed around values ​​such as intensity, flavor and versatility. Thus, at this teahouse and cafe in Bucharest you can serve cold drinks, rich in Arabic and Oriental tastes. Among the most popular such beverages are the teas, and here the suite is varied. Even mainstream assortments are targeted by excellence, considering that ingredients are originally imported for Ganesha. So, you can try tea with jasmine, cardamom, cloves, lemongrass, passion fruit and more.

Ganesha also serves lemonades, fresh juices of pomegranates, grapefruit, and many other varieties. To get the effervescent taste of the cold drinks served at Ganesha, we select only organic ingredients as natural as possible, so we can offer something more than taste and appearance. The service, the ambience and the experience we want to meet your expectations, because we like to see that the threshold of the Ganesha coffee shop in Bucharest is always swept away with the same delight. We invite you to serve in a story decor beverages that fit best with reunions with friends or outlets meant to disconnect you.